Ben Barry

Ben is a freelance designer in Brooklyn, New York.
Previously, he was a designer at Facebook in Menlo Park, California,
and worked with Decoder Ring / Helms Workshop
in Austin, Texas. He is also an alumni and advisor of Project M.

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Selected Works

Some Recent Works

Project M Lab temporary signage out of tape.
Collaboration with Thierry Blancpain.

Full 24”x18” poster laser cut by Artifacture

Designing for laser beams is pretty fun

Tasty split-fountain

Super excited to give a talk at the the DSVC next week!

Doing my best to give the laser cutting vendor grey hair!

Finished four color poster for Hackathon 40.

The fourth “color” is clear gloss varnish!

Sneak peek of a poster I’m printing for Hackathon 40!

Letterpress wood type + Risograph

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